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About Us

Sealog is a company that provides delivery service for daily necessities or connecting the distance between one person to another without leaving the house by only having to rely on one application called Sealog. Customers can use the app according to their needs. To send a document, to order food, or to help you move to a new house. All can be done in one application.

Established in 2010, Sealog already has a lot of experience in shipping with large amounts of cargo. With the development of technology and high public demands for delivery services, Sealog now also provides a variety of services, such as food delivery, organic markets, logistics, and many more.

Sealog app has been downloaded more than 500 times by Android users and has been serving the Jabodetabek area since 2019. By providing various delivery services in one application, Sealog also helps provide jobs for dozens of couriers who have registered and increased order transactions for wholesale partners who are working together with Sealog.

Sealog has a few Courier Options

Sealog provides delivery services with a variety of courier options according to customer needs, start from:

  • - Bicycle courier
  • - Motorcycle courier
  • - Pickup courier
  • - Blind Van courier, and
  • - CDE courierE

Mission and Target

In the future, Sealog will expand its marketing area to various cities outside Jabodetabek to reach all areas in Indonesia, so that Sealog can make a positive contribution to the welfare of partners and also customer satisfaction.