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Terms of Service

PT. Sealog


  • Sealog are refers to PT Sealog Indonesia, a company incorporated in Indonesia with registered office at Grand Palm @Puri Ruko Pasar Laris Blok G No.6 Cengkareng Jakarta barat, operating under name sealog in Indonesi
  • Vendor is partner agreed Price with Sealog in delivery of the customer products( product of any kind that can fit in the vhicle of Vehicle ) with their own truck from given destination.
  • “Services” are Operational-based services are managed by Sealog trough software, users make orders for shipping cargo and the vendor accepts the order, the service also includes other activities including matching user orders with the vendor and facilitating the delivery of cargo, such as providing information on transport points and all other information related to shipping and services ordered by the user to the vendor.
  • “Shipment” are services provided by Sealog carried out by the vendor to carry the cargo to the shipping address. Services provided by Sealog are limited to pickup, transportation and shipping of goods. Every cargo sent is based on limited liability as set out in this provision.



  • Total charges consist of standard transportation charges and additional charges.
  • Additional charges consist of :
    • Waiting Time Charge : If the user is late for picking up / delivery of goods, a maximum of 10 minutes is valid after the vendor reaches the location of pick up / delivery, which is subject to an additional fee IDR 20.911 for every 10 minutes waiting time.
    • Overtime Charge : Van and Truck services are closed at 2 hours service time at the scheduled order time. If the service requires more than 2 hours, a fee of Rp. 105,115 per worker is valid every 10 minutes as part of the excess cost of hired workers.
    • Oversized Item Charge : If the package exceeds the specified size, weight, or maximum quantity, Sealog will offer customers one of the following solutions :
      • Change the type of vehicle that matches the price difference that the customer is responsible for.
      • Add additional assistants to help orders with the difference in price borne by the customer.
      • Cancellation of orders by paying half the shipping costs if the vendor has appeared to collect the goods.
    • Wrong Address Charge : Customer will be charged an additional fee from the original address to the address just given. Prices will be adjusted to standard transportation costs and additional costs.
    • Document Charge : The round trip is only for documents and the fee for this service depends on the vehicle requested to place the order. The price is at an average price of IDR 84,092 for cars and Van, IDR 105,115 for trucks, regardless of distance.
    • Multi Trip : this service depends on the vehicle requested to place an order. Orders with several stops will incur an additional fee of IDR 52,557 per stop for a car, IDR 84,092 per stop for a 1.7-meter Van, IDR 115,626 per stop for a 2.4-meter van, and IDR 178,695 per stop for trucks.
    • SCBD Charge : is SCBD South jakarta Area there will be an additional fee of IDR 75.000 for cars, vans and trucks. For bookings with pickup points outside the CBD area and delivery of goods in the CBD area, this additional fee applies from Monday to Saturday at 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Public Holiday Charge : additional charge are IDR 50.000 for car, an additional IDR 75.000 for ordering van and truck.
    • Other Charge
      • Moving items without elevator access where every staircase is charged IDR 110.000 per assistant.
      • The wrapping service where each piece of furniture in a package is charged Rp. 220,000.
    • Cancelation Charge.
      • For immediate orders: IDR 50.000 is charged if the customer cancels 5 minutes after being matched with the vendor.
      • For vendors who are on their way to the destination address: will be charged 50% of the cost of the order to be applied.
      • After entering the starting point and end of the pickup into the Sealog website or webapp, the required fees will appear, by confirming the delivery request, you are willing to pay the shipping price and additional fees that may be charged according to point 2.
      • Customers must pay the vendor immediately after maturity, unless agreed to otherwise by both parties.
      • There is no Hardcopy payment proof that will be provided. An electronic receipt will be automatically given after the completion of the order, the electoral receipt will be sent via the customer's email.


User Obligations

  • The user is obliged to guarantee that he is the owner of the goods or authorized for the goods and is willing to accept this provision not only for himself but also for the goods.
  • Users are required to ensure that the goods to be shipped have been properly packaged and are able to withstand the possibility of reasonable pressures that occur in the shipping process such as loading goods, transporting goods and loading and unloading goods. (If there is damage to the goods in the shipping process that is caused because the goods are not perfectly wrapped then sealog and the vendor is not responsible).
  • The user is required to provide a description regarding the item to be sent if the vendor asks, this is done so that the vendor can easily handle the goods to be sent.
  • Users are obliged to guarantee the goods to be sent via sealog shipping service are items that are not prohibited by law and other statutory regulations.
  • Users must be responsible for damage and loss of goods because the user ignores the provisions in this provision.


Vendor Partner's Liability

  • The vendor is obliged to guarantee the goods to be sent to the agreed address and time
  • Vendors must take reasonable precautions against loss or damage to shipping.
  • The vendor is not responsible for the loss or damage caused from :
    • Delivery of goods that have been banned in point 3 paragraph (5).
    • User negligence caused by the user not complying with point 3.
    • Vendor failure caused by something unexpected (Force majeure).


Sealog's Liability

  • Sealog is responsible only for the loss and damage of goods only. Then any kind of loss or other damage is not the responsibility of Sealog whether the loss is of a special or general nature.
  • Compensation for loss and damage to lost items must be in accordance with the market value of the lost item but not exceeding IDR 10.000.000 per shipment or other restrictions which will be specified in a separate agreement between the user and Sealog. Sealog has the right to determine the market value of the lost and damaged goods.


Exception to Sealog's Liability

  • Sealog will not be responsible for loss and damage arising from
    • Goods that have been banned in Point 3 paragraph (5).
    • The user's failure to prevent damage to the goods to be sent.
    • Damage to fragile items.
    • Miscoordination between the user and the vendor for the goods to be sent.
    • Confiscation or retrieval of goods by the competent government authority because the item is illegal.
    • Sealog is not responsible for something unexpected (Force majeure).
    • Negligence committed by parties other than the Sealog party





  • The software provided to users has been tried as well as possible so that this software works properly for the convenience of users, however, Sealog does not guarantee the performance of this software on your mobile device.
  • Sealog is a logistics platform and the services provided are on request, Sealog does not guarantee service availability.
  • Limitations and exceptions in this provision shall apply to the extent permitted by applicable law.


Personal Data Policy

  • The user fills in the user's personal data that is used for service purposes.
  • Users agree that Sealog can use user data for service purposes.
  • The user agrees that the user's personal data will be transferred to the vendor for the benefit of the shipping service.
  • Users agree that the collection, use, storage and transfer of personal data of users is generally subject to the privacy Policy of Sealog.


Iintellectual Property Rights

  • Website, software, and all ownership rights to Sealog are property of Sealog and the licensing party. These provisions are protected by Intellectual Property Rights Law.
  • Users may not produce, copy, modify, display, sell and distribute software or content displayed in software with the intention to be consumed by the public and commercial activities without the approval of Sealog. Sanctions for violating this provision are subject to the applicable Laws and Regulations


Rules Of Usage

  • Users are prohibited from using software for illegal purposes.
  • Sers are prohibited from using software for the purpose of tracking, harassing or hurting anyone.
  • Users are prohibited from interfering with and destroying the operation of software or servers in any way.



  • Sealog will run promotions from time to time. All promotions provided are subject to the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Sealog has the right to revise, suspend or terminate this provision at any time and Sealog has the right to cancel the offer at its discretion without prior authorization.
  • Sealog may at any time, at its discretion, be able to amend this provision without prior notice.
  • Sers must comply with all rules in these terms and conditions as a form of standard agreement.
  • These Terms and Conditions are subject to and comply with the Law in force in the of the Republic of Indonesia and the user is subject to the relative competence of the Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Barat.