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How do we work?

Need to transport packages between provinces with large loads? Sealog application is your answer! You only need to choose Sealog's CDE service, and you would see two available choices: CDE Cab and CDE Box.

Customers Make an Order

Sealog provides an instant delivery and a scheduled delivery using CDE courier service. You can just simply choose the CDE menu and you would see two features available: Real Time Delivery and Scheduled Delivery, which you can choose according to your needs. After an order is made, our Sealog application will look for a CDE driver to deliver your goods.

Driver Takes Your Package

Driver Takes Your Package

Your order on the application will be directed to our riders who will pick the package up from the address you have entered via the Sealog application. After the rider takes your package, they will immediately deliver it to the destination address you have entered.

Driver Delivering Package to The Destination Address

Our rider will deliver your package to wherever you want, according to the delivery address you wrote down. You only need to wait for our riders to send your package. After the other side of your line receives the item, the transaction is completed.

Driver Delivering Package to The Destination Address

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